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SPRY Moving was started in 1916 as a packing and storage company, located in downtown Boston, specifically the Roxbury area. Over the years, SPRY began offering services for the military, storing and packing at local military locations.

During the mid 1900ís, the company began to grow in the household and military fields by the management of Edward A Spry. He ran the company until the 70ís when his nephew, Edward P Spry took over as President.

At this time, SPRY began venturing into the commercial side of moving in the Downtown Boston area. The offices were moved to Woburn, where two additional warehouses were put into operation.

Today, three sons of Edward P Spry operate the company. James, Richard and David have grown the company into an elite commercial mover in Boston. Still offering the same trusted service to all our customers, whether it is residential, military or commercial.

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