When packing your own goods, there are many things to keep in mind. We have compiled a list of these packing guidelines for our customers who are inclined to pack some or all of their own belongings.

Two things that should never be packed into a box that will go on the moving truck with all of your possessions are Liquids & Flammables.

Do NOT pack any liquids into boxes that will go on the moving truck. This would include but not be limited to: cleaning products, oils, vinegars, alcohol, and nail polish remover as if they were to leak, they could destroy your furniture, clothing, and valuables. Flammables would include but not be limited to: matches, aerosol canisters, propane tanks of any size, gasoline canisters, motor oils, and paints.

Now that you know what not to pack, here is a list of recommended materials:

Packing Tips to Consider:
-PURGE! Throw away, discard, or donate unwanted or unused items before you move.

-Start packing early. Begin with the not so commonly used items from the closets, garage, attic, basement, and storage areas.

-Not all dresser drawers need to be emptied. Consult your move coordinator on your premove survey as to which pieces of furniture may have light clothing and linen left inside of them while being transported. If it canít get hurt and it canít hurt the piece of furniture, chances are it may remain. Be sure to look through all drawers and remove & pack any breakable or very small items.

-Dense items, such as books, files & paperwork, record albums, tapes, cdís, dvdís, and canned goods should go in the smallest box we provide, the ďBookĒ box.

-As you get closer to your move date, try to work through the food in the kitchen cabinets and not make as many trips to the grocery store.

-As wardrobe boxes are more expensive than the other boxes available to you, determine what hanging clothing must remain on hangers (suits, dress shirts, and ladiesí dresses) versus what items may be packed into regular boxes. Pack accordingly.