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The technology that SPRY utilizes is a bar-coding system. Operating the Visual Corporate Keeper tracking software created by Andrews Software, Inc, this allows SPRY to efficiently track and manage all your important records.

This software is the backbone behind our system. A unique bar code is placed on each carton that enters our facility. This number associated with the bar code is scanned using a hand-held Percon scanner. Each location on the racking shelves is associated with a unique location ID. With the use of the carton and location IDís, this ensures SPRY will know where all of your cartons are at all times for quick and easy retrieval. Inventories are always up-to-date and can be generated for our clients upon request and can be sent electronically.

In the warehouse facility, a state of the art stock-picker fork truck is utilized for the efficient placement and retrieval of all cartons. Maintaining top of the line equipment increases our effectiveness by allowing SPRY to professionally service our customers.

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