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SPRY Moving has been an agent for Wheaton Worldwide for fifty years. This partnership has withstood the test of time thanks to the common philosophies shared by SPRY and Wheaton that our number one goal is total customer satisfaction. Wheaton is the official mover of Steinway & Sons pianos and Wheaton has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, every year since 1964. With these two prestigious endorsements, it is easy to see why SPRY Moving has trusted Wheaton Worldwide to direct all of the long distance relocation requests we have received over the last half of century.

As an agent for Wheaton Van Lines, SPRY Moving will provide a survey of your goods and estimate both the weight of your shipment and all of the foreseeable costs associated with the relocation of your goods. SPRY can also perform full or partial packing service as an agent for Wheaton Worldwide. Your move coordinator will work with you in determining what level of packing service is right for your relocation. In an effort to control packing costs, customers of SPRY & Wheaton may purchase packing materials from SPRY in order to perform their own packing.

Wheaton is also concerned about your goods and the liability coverage you have on them while they are transported. In the relocation industry, included in the cost of moving services, is the carrier minimum liability coverage on your goods of $.60 per pound per article. For example, a 100-pound table is valued up to $60.00. If you would like additional valuation coverage on your goods, please contact your move coordinator and in addition we will provide Wheaton’s Carrier Liability Options brochure.

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